Location and Schedule
Santa Fe High School
16213 US-441
Alachua, Florida 32615

May 29-30, 2021
Event venue, dates, and location are subject to change.

Youth Division Events (Team Awards 1st through 3rd we be available)

55m Dash (6&U, 7-8yrs)
100m Dash (7-18, Open, Masters)
200m Dash (6&U, 7-18yrs, Open, Masters)
400m Dash (7-18yrs, Open, Masters)
800m Dash (7-18yrs, Open, Masters)
1500m Run (7-18yrs, Open, Masters)
3000m Run (11-18yrs, Open, Masters)
80m Hurdles (11-12yrs, Masters)
100m Hurdles (Girls 13-18yrs, Masters)
100m Hurdles (Boys 13-14yrs, Masters)
110m Hurdles (Boys/Men 15-18, Open, Masters)
200m Hurdles (13-14yrs)
4X100m Relay (7-18yrs, Open, Masters)
4X800m Relay (11-18yrs)
4X400m Relay (9-18yrs)
Distance Medley Relay (Open)
1500m Racewalk (9-18yrs, Open, Masters)
3000m Racewalk (13-18yrs, Open, Masters)
Long Jump (All Divisions)
Triple Jump (13-18yrs, Open, Masters)
High Jump (9-18yrs, Open, Masters)
Shot Put (All Divisions)
Discus (9-18yrs, Open, Masters)
Javelin (13-18yrs, Open, Masters)
Turbo Javelin (7-12yrs)
Pole vault (13-18yrs, Open, Masters)

Tentative Schedule for Saturday, May 29, 2021
7:30 a.m. Check-in/Packet pickup
8:00 a.m. Coaches Meeting

9:00 a.m. Field Events
Long Jump All Divisions (Youth Division)
Shot Put All Divisions (Youth Division)
Discus (9-18yrs)
Javelin (13-18yrs)
Turbo Javelin (will follow Javelin competition) (7-12yrs)
High Jump (9-18yrs)
Triple Jump (13-18yrs

8:30 a.m. Running Events (Youth Division ONLY)
3000m Run (11-18yrs)
55m Dash (6&U, 7-8yrs)
100m Dash (7-18yrs)
4X800m Relay (11-18yrs)
80m Hurdles (11-12yrs)
100m Hurdles Girls (13-18yrs)
100m Hurdles Boys (13-14yrs)
110m Hurdles Boys/Men (15-18)
200m Hurdles (13-14yrs)
1500m Run (7-18yrs)
400m Dash (7-18yrs)
4X100m Relay (7-18yrs)
800m Dash (7-18yrs)
200m Dash (6&U, 7-18yrs)
4X400m Relay (9-18yrs)

Schedule for Sunday, May 30, 2021 (Open and Masters with exception of Racewalk & Pole Vault all Divisions)
8:00 a.m. Check-in/ Packet pickup
8:30 a.m. Coaches Meeting

9:00 a.m. Field Events
Long Jump (Open, Masters)
Shot Put (Open, Masters)
Discus (Open, Masters)
Javelin (Open, Masters)
High Jump (Open, Masters)
Pole vault (Open, Masters, 13-18yrs)
Triple Jump (Open, Masters)

8:30 a.m. Running Events (Open, Masters ONLY)
3000m Run (Open, Masters)
3000m Racewalk (13-18yrs, Open, Masters) 55m Dash (Masters)
100m Dash Semi (Open, Masters)
80m Hurdles (Masters)
100m Hurdles (Masters)
110m Hurdles (Open, Masters)
400m Dash (Open, Masters)
1500m Run (Open, Masters)
4X100m Relay (Open, Masters)
1500m Racewalk (9-18yrs, Open, Masters)
100m Dash Finals (Open, Masters)
800m Dash (Open, Masters)
200m (Open, Masters)
Distance Medley Relay (Open)

Entry Requirements

  • Entry fee is $17 per participant for youth entries. NO refunds.
  • Entry fee is $25 per participant event for open/masters entries (5 event Limit). NO refunds.
  • All youth divisions are limited to three events per athlete, including relays for Midget and younger. Limit of four events per athlete, including relays for Youth and older.
  • Each applicant must complete an Individual Entry Form and Waiver of Liability and submit them by the entry deadline. All relay teams must submit Individual Entry Forms.
  • All entries must be received by a date TBD. No late entries will be accepted.
  • Athletes running as part of a club or team should note their team/club name on the entry form. Athletes not running as part of a club or team should indicate by noting “Unattached”.
  • Athletes must have a copy of their birth certificate or valid ID with them in case of protest.
  • Any athlete registering for more than the number of events allowed, will not have their last event(s) recorded in the HY-TEK database.
  • Any BIB number identified as competing in an event not defined in the HY-TEK database, will not be recorded as a valid performance.
  • Membership is not required.
  • Coaches’ credentials will be limited to one per 10 athletes registered with a maximum of three for each club.
  • No registration refunds after TBA.
  • General admission is $6 daily for four years old and over.
    • 4-10 Athletes One (1) complimentary Coaches Credential issued
    • 11-20 Athletes Two (2) complimentary Coaches Credential per club
    • 21-30 Athletes Three (3) complimentary Coaches Credentials per club
    • Over 30 Athletes* Four (4) complimentary Coaches Credentials per club

 Meet Format

  • The following youth age groups will be offered:
    • Primary (Born after 2009)
    • Bantam (9-10)
    • Midget (11-12)
    • Youth (13-14)
    • Intermediate (15-16)
    • Young (17-18)
  • All USATF age divisions for Open / Masters Athletes will be offered.
  • Open / Masters Athlete age will be determined as of 12/31/2020.
  • All Open and Masters running events will be timed finals except for the 100m, which will be run as trial and finals.
  • All Youth running events will be run as finals.
  • Running events will be contested on a rolling schedule in the order listed.
  • Divisions may be combined to make one Heat or Flight based on participation.
  • Open and Masters Divisions will be run oldest to youngest and women before men.
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the top three finishers in each division.

Sport Rules

  • This event will be conducted in accordance to USATF rules except as modified herein.
  • In case of inclement weather, event officials reserve the right to adjust or roll the schedule.
  • Maximum spike length allowed on the track is 1/4 inch. Only blocks supplied by the facility will be permitted.
  • All athletes are responsible for bringing their own implements to the meet. Implements must be turned in for weigh-in and inspection at least one hour prior to competition.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to first three places in each event. At the discretion of the Sport Director additional awards may be given.

Hotel Information
Hotel information for the Track & Field event is forthcoming.

Registration for the Track & Field Championships is forthcoming.

FSF Staff Contact
OJ Hill
(850) 577-7207 or

State Director
Dan Epstein