2024 Sunshine State Games Events
Angela A. Suggs

President & CEO

Message from our President

Welcome to the Sunshine State Games website. The Florida Sports Foundation applauds your choice to live a healthy and active lifestyle and your decision to Bring Your Game should be commended.

By participating at the annual Sunshine State Games, you are joining a group of athletes who have competed in a variety of Olympic-style sports over the last 41 years. The Games provide positive lifestyle choices while promoting sportsmanship and fair play, which are the cornerstones of the Olympic spirit and ideals.

Your participation in the Games symbolizes Florida’s emphasis on promoting healthy aging through sport. Beyond the physical benefits of the Games, the camaraderie and friendships made through our events add to an already beneficial quality of life.

Keep up the good work. The Florida Sports Foundation, the Sunshine State Games staff, and the community are cheering for you all!


Meet Our Team

Corey Dunnom

Event Coordinator - Operations

Nick Gandy

Communications Consultant