2024 Sunshine State Games Events
Q1: What is FUSE SPORT?
A1: It is the official participant registration system utilized by games hosted by the Florida Sports Foundation.
Q2: Why is Sunshine State Games using FUSE SPORT?
A2: FUSE SPORT is the state of the art and premium registration technology provider in today’s sporting industry. Your profile and personal information is safe and secure and works concurrently for all events within the FUSE SPORT platform.
Q3: How do I register for the 2019 Sunshine State Games?
A3: Simply visit florida.fusesports.com, fill out the information requests one at a time, pay your registration fee, and submit! Just follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen.
Q4: How can I access FUSE SPORT?
A4: FUSE SPORT is available on all internet platform and can be accessed via computer, tablet, or mobile device.
Q5: Does it cost me anything to use FUSE SPORT?
A5: FUSE SPORT is free for you to use. All you have to do is pay your person fee for each event you register for.
Q6: What if I have an issue? Is there help?
A6: The Florida Sports Foundation staff is here to help you! We are the first line of “defense” when using FUSE SPORT for your registration needs. FUSE SPORT also provides 24/7 customer service and can assist with your every question. With offices in the United States and Australia, FUSE SPORT has you covered day and night! Call toll-free at 719-955-8300.
Q7: I’ve registered for a singles and doubles competition, how does my partner register with me?
A7: There are four ways to select a partner: 1 – utilize the “Invite/Search for my partner” button via first/last name, 2 – utilize the “Invite/Search for my partner” button via email, 3 – utilize the “Invite/Search for my partner” button via name search, 4 – ask the administrator to assign via the “I don’t have a partner” button.