Location and Schedule

Friday, May 17-Sunday, May 19, 2019

AdventHealth Center Ice
3173 Cypress Ridge Road
Wesley Chapel, Florida 33544
(813) 803-7372

The competition schedule will be available online at www.sunshinestategames.com by May 1, 2019, and will also be posted on the EntryEeze site and at athlete check-in.  Skating order and groups will be posted at the rink on May 16, 2019.

Skating groups (not skating order) will be posted online if needed.

2019 Championship Information packet

Sanctioning Certification


Pairs Free Skating Program
Senior**                                                      018MPL01
Junior**                                                       018MPL02
Novice**                                                     018MPL03
Intermediate**                                        018MPL04
Juvenile**                                                   018MPL05
Pre-Juvenile **                                         018MPL06
Adult Bronze                                              018MPL07
Adult Silver                                                 018MPL08
Adult Gold                                                   018MPL09
Adult Masters                                            018MPL10

Pairs Short Program
Senior**                                                       018MPS01
Junior**                                                       018MPS02
Novice**                                                     018MPS03

** Indicates IJS events

Spins Challenge
Senior                                                           018SPN01
Junior                                                            018SPN02
Novice                                                          018SPN03
Intermediate                                              018SPN04
Juvenile                                                        018SPN05
Open Juvenile                                            018SPN06
Pre-Juvenile                                               018SPN07
Preliminary                                                 018SPN08
Pre-Preliminary                                         018SPN09
Beginner                                                      018SPN10
High Beginner                                            018SPN11
No Test                                                         018SPN12
Adult Beginner                                          018SPN13
Adult Pre-Bronze                                      018SPN14
Adult Bronze                                              018SPN15
Adult Silver                                                 018SPN16
Adult Gold                                                   018SPN17
Masters/Intermediate/Novice           018SPN18
Adult Masters/ Junior/Senior             018SPN19

Jumps Challenge
Senior                                                           018JMP01
Junior                                                            018JMP02
Novice                                                          018JMP03
Intermediate                                              018JMP04
Juvenile                                                      018JMP05
Open Juvenile                                            018JMP06
Pre-Juvenile                                               018JMP07
Preliminary                                                 018JMP08
Pre-Preliminary                                         018JMP09
No Test                                                       018JMP10
High Beginner                                          018JMP11
Beginner                                                      018JMP12

Adult Jumps Challenge
Adult Beginner                                          018JMP13
Adult Pre-Bronze                                      018JMP14
Adult Bronze                                              018JMP15
Adult Silver                                                 018JMP16
Adult Gold                                                   018JMP17
Adult Masters Intermediate/Novice       018JMP18
Adult Master Junior/Senior                 018JMP19

Short Program Events (Singles)
Senior**                                                      018SHP01
Junior**                                                       018SHP02
Novice**                                                     018SHP03
Intermediate**                                         018SHP04
Juvenile**                                                  018SHP05
Open Juvenile**                                       018SHP06

** Indicates IJS Events

Step Sequence Events
Pre-Preliminary                                         018SFE01
Preliminary                                                 018SFE02
Pre-Juvenile                                               018SFE03
Juvenile                                                        018SFE04
Open Juvenile                                            018SFE05
Intermediate                                              018SFE06
Novice                                                          018SFE07
Junior                                                            018SFE08
Senior                                                           018SFE09

Excel Series Events (replaces Test Track Free Skate events)
Excel Beginner Free Skate
Excel High Beginner Free Skate
Excel Pre-Preliminary
Excel Preliminary
Excel Preliminary Plus
Excel Pre-Juvenile**
Excel Pre-Juvenile Plus**
Excel Juvenile **
Excel Juvenile Plus **
Excel Intermediate **
Excel Novice **
Excel Junior **
Excel Senior **

** Indicates IJS events

Adult Singles Free Skate Events
Adult Pre-Bronze                                      018AFS01
Adult Bronze                                              018AFS02
Adult Silver                                                 018AFS03
Adult Gold                                                   018AFS04
Adult Masters Intermediate/Novice      018AFS05
Adult Masters Junior/Senior                  018AFS06

Well Balance Free Skate Programs
No Test **                                                   018FSU01
Pre-Preliminary *                                     018FSU02
Preliminary **                                           018FSU03
Pre-Juvenile **                                         018FSU04
Juvenile**                                                   018FSU05
Open Juvenile**                                       018FSU06
Intermediate**                                         018FSU07
Novice**                                                     018FSU08
Junior**                                                       018FSU09
Senior**                                                      018FSU10

** Indicates IJS Events

Compulsory Moves Events
No Test                                                         018CPM01
Pre-Preliminary                                         018CPM02
Preliminary                                                 018CPM03
Pre-Juvenile                                               018CPM04
Juvenile                                                        018CPM05
Open Juvenile                                            018CPM06
Intermediate                                              018CPM07
Novice                                                          018CPM08
Junior                                                            018CPM09
Senior                                                           018CPM10
Adult Beginner                                          018CPM11
Adult High Beginner                                018CPM12
Adult Pre-Bronze                                      018CPM13
Adult Bronze                                              018CPM14
Adult Silver                                                 018CPM15
Adult Gold                                                   018CPM16
Masters Intermediate/Novice            018CPM17
Masters Junior/Senior                           018CPM18

Solo Pattern Dance Events
Preliminary                                                 018DAS01
Pre-Bronze                                                  018DAS02
Bronze                                                          018DAS03
Pre-Silver                                                     018DAS04
Silver                                                             018DAS05
Pre-Gold                                                      018DAS06
Gold                                                               018DAS07

Adult Solo Pattern Dance Events
Adult Preliminary                                     018APD01
Adult Pre-Bronze                                      018APD02
Adult Bronze                                              018APD03
Adult Pre-Silver                                         018APD04
Adult Silver                                                 018APD05
Adult Pre-Gold                                          018APD06
Adult Gold                                                   018APD07

Partnered (Couples) Pattern Dance Events
Pre-Juvenile                                               018CDA01
Juvenile                                                        018CDA02
Intermediate                                              018CDA03
Novice                                                          018CDA04

Adult Partnered (Couples) Pattern Dance Events
Adult Preliminary                                     018ACP01
Adult Pre-Bronze                                      018ACP02
Adult Bronze                                              018ACP03
Adult Pre-Silver                                         018ACP04
Adult Silver                                                 018ACP05
Adult Pre-Gold                                          018ACP06
Adult Gold                                                   018ACP07

Rhythm Dance (Couples Only) Events
Junior                                                            018SDA01
Senior                                                          018SDA02

Couples Free Dance
Pre-Juvenile                                               018CFD08
Juvenile                                                        018CFD01
Intermediate                                              018CFD02
Novice                                                          018CFD03
Junior                                                            018CFD04
Senior                                                           018CFD05

Adult Solo Free Dance Events
Adult Gold
Adult Silver
Adult Bronze

Light Entertainment Showcase
No Test
Young Adult
Adult Pre-Bronze
Adult Bronze
Adult Silver
Adult Gold

Dramatic Entertainment Showcase
No Test
Young Adult
Adult Pre-Bronze
Adult Bronze
Adult Silver
Adult Gold

Snowplow Sam – Basic 6 Elements
Snowplow Sam
Basic 1
Basic 2
Basic 3
Basic 4
Basic 5
Basic 6

Pre- Free Skate – Free Skate 1-6 Compulsory Event
Pre-Free Skate
Free Skate 1
Free Skate 2
Free Skate 3
Free Skate 4
Free Skate 5
Free Skate 6

Snowplow Sam – Basic Program with Music Event
Snowplow Sam                                          018BPE01
Basic 1                                                          018BPE02
Basic 2                                                          018BPE03
Basic 3                                                          018BPE04
Basic 4                                                          018BPE05
Basic 5                                                          018BPE06
Basic 6                                                          018BPE07

Pre-Free Skate – Free Skate 6 Program with Music Event
Pre-Free Skate                                         018FSP01
Free Skate 1                                               018FSP02
Free Skate 2                                               018FSP03
Free Skate 3                                               018FSP04
Free Skate 4                                               018FSP05
Free Skate 5                                               018FSP06
Free Skate 6                                               018FSP07


  • All event requirements will be in accordance to USFS regulations. A description of elements, moves, and time requirements will be available online at sunshinestategames.com
  • Athletes must check-in with the ice monitor at the ice at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled competition time for each event in which they are competing. Athlete Check-in, where pick-up their shirts and goodie bags, is NOT event check-in.

Sport Rules

  • This competition will be conducted in accordance with United States Figure Skating (USFS) rules, as per the current rulebook, unless stated otherwise.
  • This event is sanctioned by United States Figure Skating (USFS).

Entry Requirements

  • The initial individual registration fee for ALL skaters is $50.00 per person.
  • For each non IJS Event, the fee is $50.00 per skater for their first event, and $45.00 for each
  • subsequent event entered. Therefore, an athlete entering 2 non IJS events will pay $ 145
  • ($50+$50 +$45).
  • For each IJS singles event the fee is $70.00 per skater per event. Therefore, an athlete entering 2 IJS single events will pay $190 ($50 +$70+$70).
  • IJS pairs: Each partner/skater will pay the individual registration fee of $ 50.00 and each
  • Partner/skater will pay $35.00 each to total up to the $ 70.00 to cover the cost of the IJS pair event. If the pair chooses to skate an additional pair event, and additional $ 35.00 each is required.
  • Couples/ partnered dance events. Each skater will pay the registration fee of $ 50.00 and each
  • partner/skater will pay $25.00 each to total up to the $50.00 to cover the cost of the event entered.
  • Learn to Skate- Compete USA Skater: the initial individual registration fee of
  • $50.00 will cover their first event. If they choose to enter a second Learn to Skate-Compete USA
  • event an additional $30.00 is required. If they choose to enter any other events offered in the
  • competition, (Spins, Jumps, Showcase, etc.) those events will be $45.00 for each subsequent event entered.
  • Your registration includes an official Sunshine State Games T-Shirt. NO REFUNDS.
  • The IJS Scoring System will be used for the following events:
  • All Pairs Free Skating Program and Pairs Short Program events.
  • All Singles Short Programs events.
  • All Well Balanced Free Skate Program events.
  • Excel Series: Pre- Juvenile and above events.
  • IJS forms can be completed online at www.usfsaonline.org
  • The 6.0 judging system will be used for the following events:
    • All Spins Challenge, All Jumps Challenge, All Compulsory Moves, Step Sequences,
    • Adult Free Skating Events, All Dance Events, All Compete USA/Learn to Skate Events,
    • All Showcase Events. And Excel Preliminary Plus and below events.
  • All applicants must complete an Official Sunshine State Games entry form and Waiver of Liability
  • and submit them by the entry deadline.
  • All entries must be submitted online by April 21, 2019. Visit www.sunshinestategames.com for registration link and additional competition information.
  • Late entries may be accepted at the discretion of the Event Director and must be accompanied by a
  • $50.00 late fee.
  • NO registration additions will be taken the day of the event.
  • Any changes requested after May 1, 2019 are at the discretion of the Event Director and will require a $35.00 change fee per event changed.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm their registration by visiting www.sunshinestategames.com or calling toll-free 1-866-FLGAMES (866-354-2637).
  • Age and test level will be determined by April 21, 2019.
  • Unless otherwise stated in all events, skaters may skate at their test levels or one higher.
  • Skaters who skate both ISI and USFS must use their USFS test level as their guideline in entering events.  Skaters who skate only ISI and have not taken any USFS test, may skate at their ISI test level or one level lower to place themselves on a more even and competitive level with the USFS competitor. Please refer to the chart on page 24 of the announcement for levels.

Practice Ice
Practice ice registration will be announced on the Florida Sports Foundation website www.sunshinestategames.com. After the close of entries and will be available for purchase.

Each skater will be eligible to purchase two (2) practice ice sessions per event entered. Additional practice ice may become available after the initial practice registration. Do not call Florida Hospital Center Ice for practice ice sessions during the dates of competition.

All competition music must be on CD and clearly labeled with the skater’s name, event and running time on the side that is to be played.  No cassette tapes, mini disc or DATS. CD’s must only have one track per CD in a format that is widely readable by most CD players. CD/RW is discouraged. I phone/I pod music replay is also discouraged. Music must be turned into athlete check-in on the day of competition, and no later than one hour before the skater’s first event.  All skaters should have a back-up copy of their music readily available at rink side during their event if it is needed.  Music may be picked up at athlete check-in after each event, but only by the athlete, coach or guardian.  Athletes may not pick up music for any other persons.


Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the first, second and third place finishers in each event. Ribbons will be awarded to fourth, fifth, and sixth place finishers in the Learn to Skate-Compete USA events.

The Dorothy Dodson Award, named after veteran Figure Skating Judge, Dorothy Dodson, recognizes the highest combined score in the Intermediate Ladies Free Skating and Short Program events. This Award will be presented at the end of competition.

The Elizabeth “Betty” Stark Award, named after veteran Figure Skating Judge, Elizabeth “Betty” Stark recognizes the Juvenile Girl with the highest points in the Juvenile Girls Free Skate program. This award will be presented at the end of the competition.

Hotel Information
Hotel information for the Figure Skating event will be forthcoming.

Info goes here/link goes here.

FSF Staff Contact
OJ Hill
(850) 410-5286 or ojhill@flasports.com

State Director
Betty Stark
(954) 261-1569 or tstark7635@aol.com