The 2020 SSG Badminton Championships have been canceled.

Location and Schedule
Shula’s Athletic Club
15150 Bull Run Road
Miami Lakes, Florida 33014

Event venue, dates, and location are subject to change.

Men Singles Junior 17 & Under                            003MNS17
Men Doubles Junior 17 & Under                         003MND17
Women Singles Junior 17 & Under                     003WMS17
Women Doubles Junior 17 & Under                  003WMD17
Mixed Doubles Junior 17 & Under                      003MXD17
Men Singles Junior 21 & Under                            003MNS21
Men Doubles Junior 21 & Under                         003MND21
Women Singles Junior 21 & Under                     003WMS21
Women Doubles Junior 21 & Under                  003WMD21
Mixed Doubles Junior 21 & Under                      003MXD21
Men Singles Open (Any Age)                                 003MNS00
Men Doubles Open (Any Age)                              003MND00
Women Singles Open (Any Age)                          003WMS00
Women Doubles Open (Any Age)                       003WMD00
Mixed Doubles Open (Any Age)                           003MXD00
Men Singles Senior (40+)                                        003MNS40
Men Doubles Senior (40+)                                     003MND40
Women Singles Senior (40+)                                 003WMS40
Women Doubles Senior (40+)                              003WMD40
Mixed Doubles Senior (40+)                                  003MXD40
Men Singles Master (50+)                                      003MNS50
Men Doubles Master (50+)                                    003MND50
Women Singles Master (50+)                               003WMS50
Women Doubles Master (50+)                            003WMD50
Mixed Doubles Master (50+)                                003MXD50

Entry Requirements

  • USA Badminton membership is recommended. Current members must include their USAB membership number under the column labeled “NGB membership #”.
  • USA Badminton memberships will be available the day of the tournament.
  • Each applicant must complete an Individual Entry Form and Waiver of Liability and submit them by the entry deadline or register online at
  • Doubles and Mixed Doubles applicants must note partner’s name on Individual Entry Form. A partner may be requested by writing “REQUEST” under the “partner name” column.
  • Pre-registration entries must be received by June 5, 2019 or register online at by June 7, 2020.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm their registration by calling toll-free 1-866-FL-GAMES (354-2637).
  • Adult age divisions will be determined by age on December 31, 2020. Junior age division will be determined by age on June 12, 2020.

Entry Fee
Entry fee for Open & Seniors is $30 for the 1st event and $20 for each additional event.
Entry fee for Juniors is $25 for the 1st event and $15 for each additional event.
All entry fees include an official Sunshine State Games t-shirt. There are NO refunds.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to the top three finishers in each division. At the discretion of the Sport Director additional awards may be given. Bronze medals will be awarded to semifinalists in Winner’s brackets, as well as the winner of the Consolation brackets.

Click here to register.

FSF Staff Contact
OJ Hill
(850) 577-7207 or

Sport Director
David Zarco
(305) 798-2816 or