2024 Sunshine State Games Events
Q1: What is the National Congress of State Games?
A1: The National Congress of State Games (NCSG) is a membership organization comprised of 37 Summer State Games and 12 Winter State Games organizations and is a community-based member of the United States Olympic Committee. The NCSG is also the rights holder of the State Games of America.
Q2: What exactly are the Sunshine State Games?
A2: The Sunshine State Games is Florida's own Olympic-style sports festival created for amateur athletes of all ages and skill levels. The ultimate goal of the Games is to provide an opportunity and incentive for all amateur athletes in the State of Florida to develop their physical talents and competitive abilities. This grassroots level competition has been the beginning for many of Florida's champions.
Q3: Why take part in State Games?
A3: State Games evoke a strong sense of personal, community and state pride in participants by offering athletes a positive, supportive environment in which to gain competitive experience at the state level. Participants can potentially also compete at the national level in the State Games of America. State Games provide a sporting event for everyone in the family as well as a measurement of one’s success against statewide competition in accomplishing personal goals.
Q4: What does the Sunshine State Games do beyond sports?
A4: In addition to staging multi-sport athletic competitions each year, State Games organization impact their communities through a variety of programs including: character development and sportsmanship programs, tobacco prevention campaigns, drug awareness activities, weight reduction programs, efforts to assist underprivileged and disadvantaged youth, as well as a number of scholarship programs. In addition, Athlete of the Year awards are presented each year to deserving individuals based on criteria of participation, sportsmanship, effort, and positive attitude.
Q5: When are the Games held?
A5: The Sunshine State Games are held annually at various times of they year. The traditional Sunshine State Games time of year is the month of June, when many of the events are held. The schedule varies on a year-by-year basis.
Q6: Which sports are part of the Sunshine State Games program?
• Archery
• Artistic Roller Skating
• Badminton
• Canoe/Kayak
• Fencing
• Figure Skating
• Judo
• Lacrosse
• Powerlifting
• Swimming
• Synchronized Swimming
• Table Tennis
• Taekwondo (Forms, Breaking, Sparring)
• Ultimate
• Water Polo
Q7: What are the past and future host cities?
• 1980-82: Gainesville
• 1983-84: Orlando
• 1985-86: Tampa
• 1987: St. Petersburg/Clearwater
• 1988: Jacksonville
• 1989: Gainesville
• 1990: Miami
• 1991: Bradenton
• 1992: West Palm Beach
• 1993-94: Tallahassee
• 1995-96: Gainesville
• 1997-98: Kissimmee/St. Cloud
• 1999: Tampa
• 2000: Lakeland (Spring); Gainesville (Summer)
• 2001: Lakeland (Spring); Orlando (Summer)
• 2002: Lakeland (Spring); Palm Beach County (Summer)
• 2003: Lakeland (Spring); Tampa (Summer)
• 2004: Tallahassee (Summer) 25th Anniversary
• 2005: Broward County (Summer Games)
• 2006: Miami-Dade County (Summer Games)
• 2007-09: Polk County (Summer Games)
• 2010: Miami-Dade County (Summer Games Festivals)
• 2011-12: Alachua, Broward, and Polk Counties (Summer Games Festivals)
• 2013: Alachua, Manatee and Polk Counties (Summer Games Festivals)
• 2014: Polk and Sarasota Countiesf (Summer Games Festivals)
• 2015-16: Palm Beach and Sarasota Counties (Summer Games Festivals)
• 2017: Palm Beach County (Summer Games Festivals)
• 2018: Charlotte, Sarasota, and Manatee Counties (Summer Games Festivals)
• 2019: Alachua, Charlotte, Sarasota, and Manatee Counties (Summer Games Festivals)
• 2020-24: Various Florida locations
Q8: Do all states have a State Games?
A8: Most, but not all. Forty states currently organize statewide sports festivals known as State Games. Modeled after the Olympic Games, State Games provide a motivational goal for all athletes within the state in which they are organized. Nationwide more than 90 sports are offered each year in State Games with competitions held in 536 communities for participants from over 6,000 cities and towns. Competitions are both recreational
Q9: Is there a national championship for State Games athletes?
A9: The State Games of America is held every two years. The 2024 State Games of America will be held in San Diego, California, July 17-21.
Q10: I’m just a recreational athlete, is there a place for me?
A10: Most Florida Sunshine State Games sports offer different age and/or ability categories. The emphasis is on participation and friendly competition. For those reasons, many sport organizers consider the Sunshine State Games an ideal event for the first-time or casual competitor. However, that doesn’t mean that all sports are open to first-timers. Due to safety regulations and state and national governing body rules, some require membership in that sport’s governing body and/or the completion of a safety or training program. Still, the Sunshine State Games makes every effort to be inclusive, rather than exclusive. We want to spread the word that sports are fun, and there’s a sport for everyone.