Schedule and Location
June 10-11, 2023

Easton-Newberry Archery Center
24880 NW 16th Ave.
Newberry, Florida 32669

Gator Bowman Archery Range
5824 SW 105th Ave.
Gainesville, Florida 32608

Event venue, dates, and location are subject to change.

Saturday, June 10
720 Round – Easton-Newberry Archery Center, Newberry
Field around 28 targets – Gator Bowman Archery Range, Gainesville

8:30 a.m.: Instructions
9:00 a.m.: Shoot – Metric 720 Round and 28 Target Field

Sunday, June 11
900 Round – Easton-Newberry Archery Center, Newberry
3-D Events – Gator Bowman Archery Range, Gainesville

8:30 a.m.: Instructions
9:00 a.m.: Shoot – 900 Round 60-50-40 yards and 25 Target 3-D Marked


  • 720 Round Recurve
  • 720 Round Compound Release
  • 720 Round Compound Fingers
  • 720 Round Barebow
  • 900 Round Sunday Crossbow
  • 900 Round Sunday Freestyle
  • 900 Round Sunday Freestyle Limited
  • 900 Round Sunday Freestyle Limited Recurve
  • 900 Round Sunday Barebow
  • 900 Round Sunday Bowhunter
  • 900 Round Sunday Bowhunter Freestyle-Limited
  • 900 Round Sunday Bowhunter Freestyle
  • 900 Round Sunday Traditional
  • 900 Round Sunday Longbow
  • 28 Target Field Freestyle
  • 28 Target Field Freestyle Limited
  • 28 Target Field Freestyle Limited Recurve
  • 28 Target Field Barebow
  • 28 Target Field Bowhunter
  • 28 Target Field Bowhunter Freestyle-Limited
  • 28 Target Field Bowhunter Freestyle
  • 28 Target Field Traditional
  • 28 Target Field Longbow
  • 25 Target 3-D Freestyle
  • 25 Target 3-D Freestyle Limited
  • 25 Target 3-D Freestyle Limited Recurve
  • 25 Target 3-D Barebow
  • 25 Target 3-D Bowhunter
  • 25 Target 3-D Bowhunter Freestyle-Limited
  • 25 Target 3-D Bowhunter Freestyle
  • 25 Target 3-D Traditional
  • 25 Target 3-D Longbow


Entry Requirements

  • Pre-registration entry fee is $35. NO refunds. On-site registration entry fee is $50.  NO refunds.  Only cash, checks and money orders will be accepted for on-site registration.
  • All pre-registration entries must be received by June 5, 2023.
  • Archers may compete in only one event each day.
  • No pre-qualifying required.
  • Age as of date for NFAA competition is as of Saturday, June 11, 2023
  • Age as of date for the 720 round (USA Archery Rules) is as of birthdate in 2023.


900 Round, Field Round and Marked 3-D Divisions
Male and Female – Pee Wee (7 and under); Cub (8-11); Youth (12-14); Young Adult (15-17); Adult (18+); Senior (50+); Silver Senior (60+); Master Senior (70+). Ages are determined by the archer’s age on Saturday, June 12, 2022.

720 Round Divisions
Male and Female – Bowman (12 and under); Cub (14 and under); Cadet (16 and under); Junior (18 and under); Adult (18+); 50+ Master (50+); 60+ Master (60+); 70+ Master (70+). Ages are determined as of birthdate in 2022.

Styles for Field, 900 and Marked 3-D

  • Freestyle: All types of bows (compound/recurves) except crossbows; any sight system, mechanical release aids allowed.
  • Freestyle Limited: Same as Freestyle except no release aids allowed.
  • Freestyle Limited Recurve: Same as Freestyle limited except no compound bows and equipment must conform to FITA rules.
  • Barebow: All types of bows except crossbows; no mechanical release aids; no sights; National Field Archery Association (NFAA) rules apply.
  • *Bowhunter: Maximum 12″ stabilizer, single anchor point, no sights; IFAA rules apply.
  • *Bowhunter Freestyle-Limited: Rules same as Bowhunter except fixed-pin sights allowed. (IFAA rules apply)
  • Bowhunter Freestyle: Rules same as Bowhunter Freestyle Limited except mechanical release aids allowed.
  • *Longbow: IFAA rules apply.
  • *Traditional: Rules same as Bowhunter except no compound bows.
  • Crossbow: NFAA rules apply. Adult only.

* Youth, Young Adult, Adult and Senior Only.

Styles for 720 Round

  • Olympic Recurve: Same as Freestyle Limited except no compound bows are allowed and bow must be configured in conformance with FITA/National Archery Association (NAA) rules.
  • Olympic Compound Release: Same as Freestyle except bow weight is limited to 60lbs. and no electronic equipment allowed.
  • Olympic Compound Fingers: Same as Olympic Compound Release except no release aides allowed.
  • Olympic Barebow: Same as Barebow except no compound bows, no draw checks and no stabilizers.

 Sports Rules
As established by the FAA, NFAA and NAA under direction of the Florida Archery Association.

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to first three places in each Class.  At the discretion of the Match Director additional awards may be given.

Hotel Information
Hotel information is forthcoming.

Registration Information is forthcoming.

Qualification for 2024 State Games of America in California
Sunshine State Games athletes are eligible to compete in the 2024 State Games of America, to be held in San Diego, California, August 1-4, 2024.

FSF Staff Contact
Karissa Pendleton
(850) 577-7211 or

State Directors
Bill Millican
(352) 208-0188 or

Directors of Shooting
Oliver Austin, (850) 309-1918
James Pettitt, (305) 545-5829