Location and Schedule
Saturday, February 1, 2020

City of Sunrise Civic Center Ballrooms
10610 W. Oakland Park Blvd
Sunrise, Florida 33351

Event venue, dates, and location are subject to change.

This is a Multiple Partners Tournament, where individuals compete with randomly selected partners, to be played over seven (7) rounds of one Set each round.

A special system will be used whereby at all times the player ranked 1st at the start of a new round, will always partner with the player ranked 3rd to play against the player ranked 2nd partnered with the player ranked 4th on table 1.

On table 2 the player ranked 5th will partner with 7th against player ranked 6th partnered with 8th, etc.

This principle will apply for each Round except the first Round where the table assignments will be drawn by a computer program.

Shuffling and racking the dominoes:
a.  Before a game begins any player may shuffle the dominos.
b.  Dominoes are racked in the same order as drawn without arranging them
c.  Once a domino is selected the dominoes must not be pushed together on the rack

Beginning of each round: The player with double six must play double six, the pose and Shuffling of the dominoes will rotate thereafter,

There will be a maximum of 15seconds allowed for a domino to be played when it is a player’s turn to play.

Ending a game: A game ends either when a player plays all his dominos, or when a game is blocked (when no player is able to add another domino to the layout). In case a game is blocked the player with the lowest count wins but if there is a tie, the winner of the next game will be awarded (2) games. If any player has (5) games in hand then the winner of the tie game will be awarded (1) game.

Infractions: If a player makes a decision to play a domino, by attempting to pick up a particular domino he/she must play the domino that his/her hand hovers over. If the domino cannot be played, the player will lose (1) game, which will be subtracted from his/her total score. Exposed domino must be place on the table and be played at the next Opportunity, the game will continued without Re-shuffling.

Behavior during the game:

  • While a game is in progress there shall be no talking or signaling or any action that can be construed as coding between players
  • Hands must be kept off the table and below the table at all times.
  • Playing out of turn, exposing a domino that cannot be played or, passing with domino in hand will result in a loss of (1) game subtracted from the Perpetrator Total Score, the game will continued without Re-shuffling.
  • In the case of a dispute during a game, any of the players may request a Judges intervention to rectify the problem, and may also request the presence of a judge during the game to insure fair play.
  • If a player leaves the table before seeking the intervention of a judge to resolve the issue, he/she will be disqualified.
  • Foul or offensive language is against the rules.

Entry Requirements
Pre-registration entry fee is $20 and includes an official Sunshine State Games t-shirt. NO refunds. Only cash and money orders will be accepted for on-site registration. Day of Registration Participants are not guaranteed an Athlete Shirt.

All pre-registration entries must be received by January 27, 2020. Each applicant must complete an Individual Entry Form and Waiver of Liability or register online at

Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be awarded to first three places in each Class. At the discretion of the Sport Director additional awards may be given.

FSF Staff Contact
OJ Hill
(850) 577-7207 or

State Director
Mayor Hazell Rogers
(954) 914-3667 or