Location and Schedule

Sunday, November 6, 2022

Wyoming Antelope Club
3700 126th Avenue North
Clearwater, Florida 34622

Match begins promptly at 9:00 AM

Event venue, dates, and location are subject to change.

Course of Fire
Tournament will consist of a regular NRA 2700, i.e., three guns (.22, CF, .45), 90 rounds each.
Slow Fire at 50 yards on B-6 targets, timed and rapid fire at 25 yards on B-8 targets (turning targets at 25 yards)

For each gun:

  • 20 shots slow fire (10 minutes per string)
  • 30-shot National Match Course (10 slow, 10 timed fire in 2 strings of five rounds , each, 20 seconds per string, and 10 rapid fire, in 2 strings of five rounds, each, 10 seconds per string).
  • 20 shots Timed Fires, (four strings of five rounds each, 20 seconds per string).
  • 20 shots Rapid Fire, (four strings of five rounds each, 10 seconds per string).

Entry Requirements

  • Participants must be qualified to shoot on the WAC Bullseye Range, i.e., keep all shots in the scoring rings. Those uncertain in this regard should contact the match director.
  • Pre-registration entry fee is $25 and includes an official Sunshine State Games t-shirt. Pre-registration entries must be received by October 21, 2022. You may register online at   Registration will also be accepted at the Wyoming Antelope Club on the day of the event, if slots are available.  No refunds.
  • Make checks payable to Florida Sports Foundation (FSF).
  • Registration is limited 18 competitors; preference will be given to 3-gun shooters.
  • On-site registration will be available if competition field is not full by the online registration deadline.

Click here to register for the 2022 SSG Precision Pistol Championship.

Sports Rules
Current NRA Precision Pistol Rules will apply.

Wyoming Antelope Club safety rules apply (empty chamber indicators are required) as well as eye and ear protection.  Competitors are expected to bring staple guns and pasters for off-target shots.

Sunshine State Games Champion award will be presented to the highest scoring shooter.  First place medals will be awarded to the highest scoring shooters in each classification in each aggregate.

FSF Staff Contact
Karissa Pendleton
(850) 577-7211 or

Match Director
Mark Goodman
(973) 868-1919 or