Tennis will not be contested in 2021 – Future Date and location TBD

Location and Schedule

Event venue, dates, and location are subject to change. Format may be adjusted. Registration may close early if capacity is reached.

This competition is open to male and female players of all ages. It will serve as a qualifying event for the 2021 Florida Senior Games, to be held December 4-12, 2021 in the Greater Fort Lauderdale.

Florida Senior Games Qualifying Rules
Top 5 finishers, age 50 and above, in each of the men’s and women’s Florida Senior Games age groups will qualify for the 2021 Florida Senior Games.

Entry Requirements
1. Tennis entry fee is $33.38 for the singles event and $18.10 per doubles player.
2. An event is defined as Open or Recreational Singles and Open or Recreational Doubles.
3. Athletes may compete in only one Open or Recreational Singles and one Open or Recreational Doubles only. Players may not compete in both levels.
4. The age division of competition is 18 years or older for singles and doubles.
Athletes must provide their own racquets, practice balls, and water. Competition balls will be provided.
5. If you have a doubles partner, please enter your doubles partner’s name in the registration process.
6. Proper Tennis attire required. Tennis shoes only. No tank tops, swimsuits, or denim.

1. Open Division: tournament format will be single elimination with first round consolation.
2. Recreational Division: round robin format guaranteed 3 play opportunities with a minimum of 4 players in their group.
3. The Tournament Director reserves the right to modify tournament format.
4. Hard Courts will be used for all play.

Florida Senior Games Qualifying Event
This event will serve as a qualifier for the 2021 Florida Senior Games. The top five finishers in each men’s and women’s event, in the Florida Senior Games Age Groups, qualify for the 2021 Florida Senior Games, to be held, December 4-12, 2021 in the Greater Fort Lauderdale Area.

Sport Rules and Regulations
1. All matches will be conducted in accordance with USTA rules, except as modified herein.
2. Singles will be played on Saturday, June 5, 2021 and Doubles will be played on Sunday, June 6, 2021.
3. Play should be continuous; from the time the match starts (when the first service of the match is put in play) until the match finishes:
a. Between points, a maximum of twenty 20 seconds is allowed. This rule does not apply while a player chases stray balls.
b. When players change ends at the end of a game, a maximum of 90 seconds are allowed.
c. After the first game of each set and during a tie-break game, play shall be continuous, and players shall change ends without a rest.
d. Open Division matches shall be one set with 7-point tie-breaker regular scoring. The set is a tie-break set, first to win six games wins that set, provided there is a margin of two games. If the score reaches six games all, a 7-point tie-break game will be played (first to win seven points with a two-point margin wins the set).
e. Recreation Division matches is a one set first to 6 games with a 7-point tiebreaker no-ad scoring. If the score reaches 6-6 all, a 7-point tiebreaker will be played. No-ad scoring is first to 4 points wins the game. At deuce or 40-40 the receiver chooses which side to receive the serve for the deciding point in the game.

Covid-19 Safe Play Guidelines will be reinforced for the safety of all players, spectators, and tournament staff.

Safe Play Guidelines: Below are just a few guidelines. Please click on the link below for a full list of our safety guidelines.
• Wear a mask if you are not on the court playing.
• Social Distance: 6 feet apart.
• Frequently wash hands and disinfect regularly throughout the day.
• Bring your own water and snacks.
• Do not share drinks and tennis equipment.
• Bring your own chair to stay socially distant while seating is limited.

Covid-19 Waiver: Mandatory to Sign and Date (Please copy and paste waiver in browser if you cannot open, fill out and submit)

Individual events: Medals (1st-3rd)

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FSF Staff Contact
Karissa Pendleton
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State Director
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